Color Test Results #Share


After seeing the results for the first time, I was very surprised to have received a perfect score (of zero). It was pretty easy aligning all the colors, this could be due to having glasses which give me an additional advantage over others. It took about 5-8 minutes, not that long. My eyes would kind of distort the colors if I looked for too long. I also found myself kind of zoning out at times as well. I wonder what I would have scores without my glasses on.


My Thoughts On Cyanotypes/Scanograms Project

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I enjoyed doing this project, nothing i’ve done before. I definitely think the distorted picture is the best of the bunch just because of how unique and mystical it is. Being able to morph and create the scanned image adds another layer of creativity to a user’s work and is a fun activity to take part in. I wen’t with a simple cyanotype with just 4 geographical shapes, but went for a really abstract and complex distorted image. I like the thought of it being simple yet complex at the same time. Okay, like the images we shot for the emotional line project and other previous animation projects you create a video by taking multiple frames. This is exactly what the scanner does to take a full image of the cyanotype. While we move the cloth around each image is different, distorting the image entirely. I am looking forward to creating more projects like these in the future!