Colorize Jam Animation


Here is my Colorize Jam Animation. I’m currently in love with the color red. Especially with black somehow incorporated into it. The final product is very cool to see! I can’t wait to create more projects like this one in the near future. Hope you enjoy!


My Thoughts On Jake Fried’s Work: Brain Lapse

In this animation, by Jake Fried, he creates a eye¬†twisting project that continuously boggles my mind. I like the way he manages to move pieces of art across the canvas and still manage to add/remove other additions to the animation. I also like what seems to be a wall used as a canvas for this project as well. These animations Mr. Fried creates are quite the masterpiece and take a lot of time to complete. The animation linked above has over 2,000 frames! That is extremely high compared to the ones we are currently doing that only require a max of 100. I’m glad I was present in class today to learn and watch all about Mr. Fried’s work.